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Martin gale

Updated: about 22 minutes ago.

This system means that you constantly double your bet in case of loss in order to win back your lost stake. When you start, you start with a certain amount of money where the goal is to double your bet. Therefore, it is important to bet on odds that give at least twice the money, that is: 2.00, we recommend not to bet on much higher odds as the risk becomes too great. We also recommend that you choose a sport that you are familiar with when you use this strategy, since this increases the chances of winning and reduces the risks.

Let’s pretend that we choose a starting sum of 200€ (a high starting sum can be good to cover any losses) and bet on a match with odds of 2.00. We choose to invest 10€ of these 200€. If we win, we get 20€ and continue to bet 10€ on a new game where the odds is 2.00. If we lose, we instead 20€ on the next game to win back our loss.

Here we present the odds that are at 2.00 for you:

No odds matching your filter settings were found.