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Martin gale

Updated: about 2 minutes ago.

This system means that you constantly double your bet in case of loss in order to win back your lost stake. When you start, you start with a certain amount of money where the goal is to double your bet. Therefore, it is important to bet on odds that give at least twice the money, that is: 2.00, we recommend not to bet on much higher odds as the risk becomes too great. We also recommend that you choose a sport that you are familiar with when you use this strategy, since this increases the chances of winning and reduces the risks.

Let’s pretend that we choose a starting sum of 200€ (a high starting sum can be good to cover any losses) and bet on a match with odds of 2.00. We choose to invest 10€ of these 200€. If we win, we get 20€ and continue to bet 10€ on a new game where the odds is 2.00. If we lose, we instead 20€ on the next game to win back our loss.

Here we present the odds that are at 2.00 for you:

AFL | Collingwood Magpies - Western Bulldogs:

Date & time: 2021-03-19 08:50

Odds 2 = 2.0 @ Betfair
AFL | Essendon Bombers - Hawthorn Hawks:

Date & time: 2021-03-20 08:25

Odds 1 = 2.0 @ Betfair
MLB | Chicago White Sox - Cleveland Indians:

Date & time: 2021-03-06 20:05

Odds 1 = 2.0 @ MyBookie
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