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Kelly's criterion

Updated: about 2761 hours ago.

This strategy is probably the most popular and used among professional players and is based on mathematics instead of feeling and chances, which of course increases your chances of winning. When placing a bet there are many different things to consider, when it comes to Kelly's criterion there are three things, these are: how to place your bet, are the odds worth betting on? And what amount you should bet. So, first you need to choose how to distribute your money and then you need to decide how much to bet and if the odds are worth betting on. This strategy will help you calculate how much you should actually bet on a specific odds that is higher than expected, in other words - overvalued. If this goes your way, your money will grow significantly.

Learning this method is quite complicated and time consuming, therefore ArbIQ does the math for you and only shows the odds you have to bet on in order to use this method, as well how you should distribute your bets by percentage. Now beginners can also use this strategy because we at ArbIQ does everything for you. All you must do is place your bets.

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