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Arbitrage betting tutorial

You probably came here to learn more about arbitrage betting, or "surebetting" as it is also called. So, let's dive right in.

1. What is "arbing"?

Basically, it is a betting strategy that allows you to bet on and cover all possible outcomes of a game and win no matter the outcome.

2. Why do arbing-opportunities occur?

There are plenty of bookmakers out there and if you check their odds the odds sometimes differ a lot. You can take advantage of the difference in odds, and that is exactly what you do when "arbing".

Here is an example of how differences in odds creates a good opportunity:

As you can see from the image betting 46.65€ on over 6.5 goals at 1xBet and betting 53.35€ on under 6.5 goals at BetMGM on this specific match between Edmonton Oilers and Vancouver Canucks would give you a profit of 4.03%. That is, you win back your total stake + 4.03€.

In other words, this specific arbing opportunity would give you a guaranteed profit of over 4€ in just one game.

3. Sounds great, but how do I find arbitrage bets?

Well, you could compare the odds on all the bookmakers websites manually and find the arbs, but let's face it, that is a very time-consuming process. Hardly worth the time and effort you put in to it.

Instead. you need a "surebetting scanner" such as ArbIQ that help you find thousands of possible opportunities.


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